The Benefits Of Rim Locks: A Comprehensive Guide To Prices And Features


    The rim lock is one of the most commonly used types of locks on residential and business doors. This has made them so popular in the market. When it comes to making decisions on the type of locks to buy, you must understand the benefits of rim locks. The benefits include, helping you with the issue of security, convenience, and easy installation procedure. The following are some of the benefits, features and prices of rim locks. The information can help you decide when purchasing locks for your home or commercial premise.

    Benefits of Rim Locks

    The rim locks have a lot of benefits associated with them in terms of enhancement of security at your home or workplace. The first benefit is its versatility since it can work with different types of doors, such as wooden, composite, and metal doors. On the same note, you can install rim locks on both the outward and inward opening doors.

    Another benefit you enjoy when you choose rim locks is that they are easy to install. In comparison with other locks, the rim locks are easy to install as their surfaces are mounted and not embedded within the door. Other benefits associated with rim locks include keyed access which provides high security. On top of that, there is the deadlocking function. 

    Prices and Features of Rim Lock

    Rim locks do not have a fixed price in the market. The prices fluctuate depending on various factors that affect the economy, like other products. On the same note, other factors in the market are responsible for diverse rim lock prices, such as brand, quality, and design. Based on this, when you go to the market, you should expect that the rim locks will come at different prices depending on the quality that would suit your budget. Most times, the entry-level rim locks range from Rs. 500 and Rs. 1500. Other high-end brands or models of rim locks have advanced features that cost over Rs. 5000.

    Godrej is known to provide various digital rim locks at different prices depending on the features and functionality of the rim locks and the market conditions. Some of the rim locks available in the market include the Centaur, the world’s first dual-motion rim lock. It is a vertical locking and horizontal locking motion, suitable for both single doors and double doors. Other Godrej rim locks include the Classic Rim lock, which comes at a price ranging from Rs. 800 to Rs. 1200. The ultra-Tri bolt rim lock, comes at a price ranging from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2500. The Pentabolt rim lock is priced between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3500.

    Based on the fact that the prices of rim locks usually fluctuate on the market, it is important that before purchases, you contact your supplier. While doing that, ensure you deal with an authorised dealer or retailer. The authorised dealers will help you attain the most accurate and modern rim locks information concerning pricing and features. 

    Features You Should Consider When Purchasing Rim Locks

    1. Type of Cylinder

    Rim locks, as mentioned, come in different types of cylinders. Some are single cylinders, while others are double-cylinder mechanisms. When you go for a single-cylinder mechanism, you can lock or unlock it from the inside through a thumb turn. On the other hand, you will need a key to open both the inside and the outside when dealing with double-cylinder locks. 

    2. The Designs 

    The rim locks come in different designs when it comes to finishes, for instance, polished brass, antique bronze, or satin nickel. The different designs the locks come on allow you to choose the one that suits your taste. At the same time, the different finishes and features will allow you to choose the type of rim lock that complements your door or the overall décor. 

    3. Deadlocking Function 

    When marketing and choosing a rim lock for your home security, consider the deadlocking function feature, which plays a significant role in security. Most rim locks have additional security features, such as reinforced strike plates, the anti-drill feature, or the anti-pick feature. The mentioned features will make it easy to protect your property, as intruders cannot tamper with the lock. 

    4. Brand Reputation

    When purchasing rim locks for your home security, you must consider the types of brands ruling this market segment. Brands like Godrej have been known to have the best rim locks that can help solve your home security issues. When shopping for rim locks for your home security solutions, there are various factors you have to put into consideration. Issues touching on brands, prices, quality, and features play a significant role in the type of rim locks you choose. When shopping for the locks, compare the prices, and do product reviews where you compare various features of the rim locks of interest. Lastly, the prices mentioned are not constant, as they can fluctuate depending on various factors that affect the market value of products.