Top Must Trusted Shopify Plus Agencies in 2023


    When your brand expands to new heights, choosing the right technology partner becomes more important. That’s why Shopify Plus agents will take your business to the next level. So which agencies can you trust with your growing business?

    In this article, we will show you the top Shopify Plus Agencies. You will meet dedicated teams behind beautiful shops, best-in-class achievements, and strategic guidance. And most importantly, you get the perfect combination to enhance your vision.

    What is a Shopify Plus Agency?

    A Shopify Plus Agency is a consulting or services agency that takes over building, customizing, and managing online stores and web presences specifically for Shopify Plus clients.

    Shopify Plus Agencies help companies fully leverage all the capabilities of the Shopify Plus platform. This includes customizing the design, layout, features, and functionality of the online storefront.

    Common services provided by Shopify Plus Agencies include custom theme development, app integration, custom product catalogs, order management configurations, payroll/tax setup, multi-channel selling, online marketing support, etc.

    The Importance of Choosing a Shopify Plus Agency

    Experience and Expertise

    More than anything, you need an agency that truly understands Shopify Plus inside and out. They should have extensive experience building successful Plus stores for other businesses. Evaluating how many stores they’ve completed and client references will help validate their expertise.

    Ongoing Support

    A Shopify Plus store requires long-term management and optimization. You should make sure that the agency you choose will continue supporting your store as your needs evolve in the future. This includes updates, ongoing customization, integrating new apps, and addressing any issues that arise.

    Strategic Guidance

    In addition to building your store, a top agency can provide strategic advice on digital marketing, sales funnels, and analytics to help your business succeed. They should understand not just development but how to guide important commerce and growth decisions.

    Top 5 Best Shopify Plus Agencies

    Whether you’re looking to start a new store or take your existing business to the next level, these top Shopify plus companies have exactly what you need. Focusing on design, development, operations, and growth, they have helped countless entrepreneurs scale their brands on the Shopify platform. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most trusted names in the field.

    1. BSS Commerce Shopify

    BSS Commerce Shopify stands out as one of the top Shopify Plus companies because of their commitment to providing the best solutions and white glove customer service. As a certified Shopify partner with 10 years of experience building successful eCommerce brands on the Shopify platform, BSS has a dedicated team of highly skilled Shopify Plus developers, designers, and project managers who ensure stores scale up to date with the latest Shopify features -are adapted to do so. Some highlighting features make BSS stand out:

    • Dedicated Shopify Plus expert team: BSS team has highly skilled Shopify Plus developers, designers, and project managers who stay up-to-date with Shopify’s latest features.
    • End-to-End Shopify Plus services: BSS Commerce Shopify offers comprehensive services from initial consultation and strategy, to design, development, integration, testing, and launch of scalable Shopify Plus stores.
    • Proven track record: BSS has worked with numerous top brands and delivered projects on time with high quality such as PageFly, Avada, WizzCommerce,…and as evidenced by their many positive client reviews and case studies.
    • Customization expertise: Developers are experts in leveraging Shopify Plus’ flexibility to build fully customized storefronts that perfectly match brands’ needs and goals.
    • Third-Party integrations: BSS simplifies the integration of Shopify Plus with external systems like ERP, POS, and marketplaces for a synced omnichannel experience.
    • Ongoing support: BSS provides long-term maintenance and optimization support to help stores stay updated and maximize growth on Shopify Plus.
    • Attentive customer service: BSS’s customer-centric approach and responsive US/UK-based support team ensure quick resolutions.

    With dedicated Shopify Plus expertise, a track record of success stories, and high-quality customized services, BSS Commerce is undoubtedly one of the top choices for scalable Shopify Plus development.

    2. We Make Websites

    A famous agency in the e-commerce era that must be mentioned is We Make Websites. They has established itself as one of the leading Shopify Plus agencies globally based on their experience, quality of work and client results. Now check out some key reasons why they deserve a top spot:

    • Vast experience: As a Shopify Plus partner since 2011, they are pioneers in the platform and have extensive experience developing advanced Stores.
    • Blue chip clientele: They have worked with many top global brands like Hasbro, Levi’s, Oura and Brooklinen, helping them scale rapidly on Shopify Plus.
    • International capability: With offices in London and New York, they offer a global reach and have assisted numerous brands with worldwide expansion.

    We Make Websites very much deserves to be ranked among the top Shopify Plus agencies globally. Their strategic approach and dedication to clients truly sets them apart.

    3. Eastside Co

    Based in London, UK, Eastside Co has been working exclusively with the Shopify platform since 2012, making it a pioneer in the space.

    They have an experienced team of over 50 professionals including designers, developers and growth marketers. What is behind East Co’s success?

    • Deep Shopify experience: They were among the first UK agencies accredited as a Shopify Plus partner and helped shape the platform.
    • Proven results: They have delivered impactful results for numerous enterprise brands like Condor, Oliver Sweeney, Levi’s Dockers etc.
    • Global expertise: With expanded presence in NYC, they can support international brands through multi-channel solutions.

    With over 500 successful Shopify store builds, multiple awards and strong client recommendations, EastSide Co stands out as one of the most capable and trusted Shopify Plus agencies globally,

    4. Sleepless Media

    As one of the first agencies selected to be a Shopify Plus partner in 2014, Sleepless Media has built a well-deserved reputation as a top Shopify specialist. Based in Santa Cruz, California, they are a medium-sized agency with a team of experienced designers, developers and marketers.

    Some of their notable client projects include sites for brands like Traditional Medicinals, Yale/August Home, Levi Strauss & Co., LifeStraw and Breeo. These showcase Sleepless Media’s strong design skills and ability to realize each brand’s full potential. Key advantages of partnering with them include:

    • Specialist experience in niche industries like outdoor and consumer goods
    • Super custom designs and out-of-the-box thinking to separate brands from competitors
    • Proven results for prominent clients across industries
    • Full-service offering including design, development, branding and management
    • Award-winning team with extensive eCommerce experience

    Doesn’t this level of experience, combined with enthusiastic dedication, position Sleepless Media as the ideal partner for ambitious brands seeking success? Sleepless Media rightly belongs in the top 5 of recommended Shopify Plus agencies worldwide.

    5. Ambaum

    Located in Seattle, Washington, Ambaum has established itself as one of the most trusted Shopify Plus partners, specializing in development services. As one of the earlier entrants in the market since 2015, they have deep expertise in both Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms.

    What sets Ambaum apart?

    • Focus on development: They have a team of highly skilled frontend and backend developers who can build robust and complex eCommerce solutions.
    • Track record: Their portfolio boasts of working with prominent brands like Bulletproof, Ram Mounts, Glowforge, Rep the Squad and Deep Sentinel. Ambaum seamlessly moved these brands to Shopify Plus and helped scale their businesses through custom applications and integrations.
    • Client approach: Provides personalized, responsive service as a small yet nimble agency. They are extremely responsive. Besides, they bring you clear communication throughout the project life cycle. Moreover, being a US based agency gives them a strong understanding of the North American markets.

    Wrap Up

    So after all the information above, which Shopify Plus agency should you work with in 2023? The companies featured like BSS Commerce Shopify are certainly strong contenders. With years of experience under their belts and a stellar track record of satisfied clients, you can go right partnering with these leaders. Whether you need a beautiful new store design or a complex development project, you’ll feel confident having their team of experts on your side.  So now, why not set yourself up for success in the new year by collaborating with one of these top-rated Shopify Plus Agencies?