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Hyderabad Hydras is an Indian esports organization popularly known for playing Battleground mobile India mobile game. Formed in 2021, the team participated in Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 finals. Check out below for Hyderabad Hydras team players, BGMI lineup, owner, logo, profile, BootCamp, manager, and more.

Hyderabad Hydras – BGMI Lineup, Players, Owner, Logo, Profile

Hyderabad Hydras Wikipedia

Team Name Hyderabad Hydras
Game(s) BGMI
Platform Mobile
Location India
Region Asia

Team Players

Hyderabad Hydras BGMI Lineup (Roster): Here is the list of members who represent the team in online tournaments and unofficial events for the Battleground mobile India game.

In-game Name Real Name Role Join Date
Manty Op Ashwin Assaulter 2022
Striker Prashanth Assaulter 2022
Carry Barathwaji Entry-fragger 2022
Evilsurya Jayasurya Supporter 2022
Aceblack Jasper IGL 2022

Hyderabad Hydras Players Real name and Photos: 

Manty OP Hyderabad Hydras
Manty OP
Striker Hyderabad Hydras
Carry Hyderabad Hydras
Evilsurya Hyderabad Hydras
Aceblack Hyderabad Hydras


The owner of Hyderabad Hydras Esports organization is Aashwij Ravula – Follow his Instagram handle to know more about him (@aashwijravula).

Hyderabad Hydras Owner

Logo Download

Here you can download HD images of Hyderabad Hydras Logo png in HD high-quality version.

Hyderabad Hydras Logo

About Hyderabad Hydras

The organization has started in May 2021 and after the launch of Battleground Mobile India (BGMI), Hyderabad Hydras has announced its competitive lineup. On 15th October, the team has announced a new BGMI lineup.

The team has acquired former Tier-1 PUBG players from Team Tamilas to their lineup. Previously they have finished top 10 in 2020 PMCO and PMPL. The experience roster’s from Tamil Nadu came up together to play for Hydras.

Team Hyderabad Hydras is one of the top esports organizations in India known for playing BGMI. They have played in top mobile tournaments in the country are conducted by various organizations including Villagers Esports, Upthrust Esports, Sky Esports, and more.

The BootCamp of Hydras team is located in the Captial city of Telangana, Hyderabad. Former owner and manager of Team Tamilas, Vaathiyaar (aka Asar Samsudheen) has joined the analyst and content creator of HH in 2021.


• 2021 – Battleground Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2021 Finals

In conclusion, here completing details about Team Hyderabad Hydras Players, BGMI Lineup, Coach, Owner, Logo, Bootcamp, and more. Check out the Esports section to know more latest news and updates.


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