Minnal Murali Review: A Well attempted Indian Superhero movie


Minnal Murali Review: After Kunjiramayanam and Godha, director Basil Joseph is here with another unique entertainer, this time around it’s the tale of a rooted superhero who has to take on a mighty evil. With humor, action, and emotions in the right proportions, Basil’s Minnal Murali sets up the base and expectations for upcoming movies in the series.

Minnal Murali Review

Tovino Thomas delivers a fine performance as the charming Jaison, portraying the character’s vulnerabilities, emotions, and gradual transformation and self-realization effectively.

Guru Somasundaram steals the show as the deprived of respect and longing for love Shibu, who, despite getting a similar power as Jaison, chooses to use it differently, thus transforming into a menace, going to any extent for love and vengeance.

Femina George makes a mark in the minimal screentime she gets, while the kid Vasisht Umesh has a cute, lovable presence in his sequences with his Maman.

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Sushin Shyam’s background score elevates Minnal Murali, and Uyire and Thee Minnal by Shaan Rahman and Sushin are impressive numbers. While Sameer Thahir’s top-notch cinematography makes Minnal Murali a superb visual experience, the commendable VFX works by Mindstein Studios and Phantom FX deserves a special mention.

Basil Joseph takes his own sweet time in getting us accustomed to the Kurukkanmoola, and establishing the main characters Jaison and Shibu, before pitting them against each other directly. Once the characters enter into a conflict, Basil entertains with some high, memorable moments as they try to outwit each other.

A powerful superhero deserves a powerful villain, and Minnal Murali has got it perfectly in Guru Somasundaram who gets the best-written role of the movie with a proper back story, ultimately justifying the transformation of the self-centered Jaison into the responsible, self-realized superhero Minnal Murali.

With Sameer Thahir’s stunning visuals, Sushin Shyam’s terrific score, and the strong performances of the leads, Basil delivers an interesting lead to what is expected to be a successful Indian superhero series.

Final Words: “Minnal Murali is a successful superhero attempt by Basil Joseph and team which engages the audience till the end.”


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