Innovation in Transportation Management


    After successfully streamlining internal operations, Praseed founded a software company focusing on the Travel, Transportation, and Logistics (TTL) industries. His brainchild, “Carego,” has been a game-changer for businesses in transportation management for over a decade.

    Pioneering Innovations in Information Technology

    Praseed, a serial entrepreneur with a rich background in business management, has become a trailblazer in the field of information technology. With an impressive track record spanning various sectors, Praseed’s journey is one of vision, innovation, and a commitment to shaping the future.

    The Journey Begins

    Praseed’s career started with contributions to his family’s business empire, where he excelled in investment, administration, and research and development. His keen business sense and decision-making abilities were instrumental in the successful implementation of various initiatives within the organization. Before launching his own IT venture, Praseed gained invaluable experience working for multinational corporations like Macmillan and SDB. However, it was at the turn of the century that he made a significant career shift into information technology to enhance the company’s internal supply chain management.

    Carego: A Decade of Excellence

    Carego’s innovative approach to logistics optimization has made it an industry standard, even a decade after its inception. In 2018, Praseed sold the product to another company, a testament to its enduring value, and moved on to his next entrepreneurial endeavor.

    Retail Revolution

    Praseed’s second IT company ventured into the retail sector, where he developed “Retaline.” This product aimed to simplify e-commerce for small businesses, eliminating the need for extensive technological expertise

    Directorial Roles in Prominent Companies

    Praseed serves as a director in Velosit Info Labs and Grozeo International, companies that have developed the software application “Retaline” for large-scale retail. His involvement underscores his commitment to innovation and the growth of these industries.

    Supply Chain Expertise

    Praseed possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge in haulage workflow and supply chain management. He has been instrumental in helping numerous clients improve their supply chain and stock management systems.

    Revolutionizing Logistics with QuGeo

    Praseed’s innovation extends to hyper-local logistics services, leveraging GPS solutions through QuGeo. This system allows customers to seamlessly book and select the right vehicles for shipments, calculate fees based on distance, and optimize routes for efficiency.

    Grozeo: Empowering Retailers

    In the ever-evolving world of retail, staying ahead of the competition requires innovation and adaptability. One individual who understands this concept all too well is Praseed, the visionary behind Grozeo, a game-changing platform poised to revolutionize the retail industry. Grozeo is not just another software solution; it’s a paradigm shift that brings together the power of technology and commerce in a way that empowers retailers like never before.

    Praseed, a seasoned entrepreneur with a knack for identifying gaps in the market, embarked on a journey to transform the retail landscape. His brainchild, Grozeo, is not just a product but a comprehensive solution designed to address the pain points of modern retailers. It’s built on the pillars of zero-cost, zero-coding, and inter-merchant collaboration, making it accessible and adaptable for businesses of all sizes.

    At the heart of Grozeo’s offering is its zero-cost approach. Praseed recognized that many retailers, especially small and medium-sized businesses, struggle with the high costs associated with adopting new technologies. Grozeo eliminates this barrier by providing a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require significant upfront investments. This democratizes access to cutting-edge retail technology, allowing businesses to allocate their resources more efficiently.

    The zero-coding feature of Grozeo is another testament to Praseed’s commitment to simplifying retail operations. Traditional software solutions often demand extensive coding knowledge, which can be a daunting prospect for many retailers. Grozeo breaks this barrier by offering a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require coding skills. Retailers can customize and tailor the platform to their unique needs without the need for an IT department, reducing both costs and complexity.

    One of Grozeo’s standout features is its focus on inter-merchant collaboration. In today’s retail landscape, collaboration is key to success. Grozeo facilitates this by providing a physical marketplace where retailers can interact and collaborate seamlessly. This opens up new opportunities for cross-promotion, shared resources, and collective growth.

    Championing Technology

    As an IT consultant to various business groups, corporate houses, and government organizations, Praseed’s influence extends far and wide. He continually embarks on new technology projects, positioning himself as a driving force in software product creation and development.Praseed’s commitment to community development is evident through his involvement in trade bodies like the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, Indo-Australian Chamber of Commerce, TiE Kerala, GTec, and the Trivandrum Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He actively participates in cultural programs, workshops for budding entrepreneurs, and seminars for emerging businesses. Amidst his busy schedule, Praseed makes time for philanthropy. He mentors startups, supports NGOs, and collaborates with government welfare boards, embodying the spirit of giving back to society.

    In conclusion, Praseed’s journey is a testament to the power of innovation and a commitment to driving positive change in the business and technology landscape. His remarkable achievements and contributions continue to inspire and shape the future of various industries.