TTF Vasan arrest? Police complaint filed for Overspeed


    Popular Tamil YouTuber TTF Vasan arrest? The latest buzz on social media, a Police complaint has been filed against TTF Vasan on September 2022 for riding over speed on his bike.

    Recently TTF has collaborated along with another famous social media celebrity GP Muthu. In the collaboration video, both Vasan and GP Muthu went on a bike ride.

    TTF Vasan arrest? Police complaint filed for Overspeed

    ttf vasan arrest

    A person from Coimbatore has filed a police complaint against TTF Vasan for riding his bike over speed which causes danger to pedestrians. In his recent video, Vasan clocked the speed of 150 kmph which is over the limit on Indian road guidelines.

    According to reports, the news has been reached out to the commissioner of Coimbatore and immediate action will be expected to be taken. Earlier a few months back, Vasan has been warned by police for committing speed.

    ttf vasan police complaint

    If TTF is convicted for not following rules, then he might sentence to 6 months of prison or else up to Rs. 5000 fine as per the reports. However, the official confirmation regarding the police complaint to be updated soon.

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    TTF Vasan Police Complaint News

    Who is TTF Vasan?

    A young guy from Coimbatore named Vasan launched a YouTube channel known as Twin Throttlers. The films he releases are enjoyed by lads and young people who are interested in motorcycles and gradually his number of subscribers began to climb.

    At this time, there are 32,000,000 people subscribed to his channel on YouTube. He used to go to many areas on his two-wheeler, not only his bike adventures but also VLOG his trip experiences.

    In this manner, he has reached the top on YouTube and has been creating adventurous films by purchasing pricey two-wheelers.

    Then individuals like Coimbatore Police Commissioner Balakrishnan and Vasan are doing something positive.

    They assume they are huge people. TTF Vasans and their ilk are a waste of young people’s time since they falsely believe themselves to be role models for them.

    We will not stay quiet while the cops watch this. We shall not be idle. Soon, we will make a decision and act. Don’t go too fast.”