Cricket (Sports) | List of Popular Cricket Players Biography

Cricket Players Biography – Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world and is popularly known as a gentleman’s game. The game has provided a lot of star cricketers across the world. Check out below for a list of cricketers and also the most important details about the popular cricketers.

Cricket Players Biography

Cricket Players Biography

Check out below for the list of some popular players who have played the game of cricket.

About Cricket

The game of cricket is played between two teams using a bat and a ball. Each team consists of eleven players on the field. The batsman from the batting team has to be at each end of the pitch, while the bowler has to bowl six legal deliveries to complete an “over”.

The batsmen have to swap their ends by running to complete a run. On the other side, the fielders of the bowling team have to prevent the batsmen from scoring runs by dismissing them.

The ways of dismissals are bowled, catch run-out and hit-out. When the innings end or a team lose their all wickets, the bowling-first team has to bat and the batting-first team has to bowl.

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There are various kinds of forms in the game of cricket such as Test, ODI, Twenty20 and T10. The Test match is to be played over five days with both teams can bat and bowl and the players have to play with a white kit.

Both teams have to play 50 overs each in the ODI format while they can play 20 and 10 overs each in T20 and T10 format respectively. Unlike the longest format of the game, the Test, the teams can play with a coloured kit.

The game was invented in 1957 and it became the national sport of England in the 1980s. Cricket is a very popular game in the countries like India, England, Australia, Pakistan, South Africa and many more.

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