A Lawn Mower Buying Guide In Kenya


    A lawnmower is a machine used to slash grass on lawns and fields. It can either be a manual or an automatic mower. The more is a suitable device because it makes slashing lawns and fields easy. Due to their unwavering importance, they should be selected carefully during purchase. The following factors should be considered when purchasing a more suitable mower.

    The mower type.

    Mowers come in different types, for example, electric or manual mowers. Depending on the skills available, one should choose a mower that is easy to use and satisfies all their needs. Availability of labor for that case should also be considered.

    The cutting width.

    One should purchase a mower width, a cutting width that satisfies their needs. If the area to be slashed is narrow, then a mower with a narrow cutting width will be more suitable. If the area to be slashed is quite wide, then go for a mower with a wide cutting width. This will help you save time.

    The lawn size.

    The lawn size will dictate the type of grass cutter to be purchased. An electrically driven mower with a wide cutting width for a big lawn will be more helpful. But a small lawn mower will significantly help if the lawn is small. So, choose wisely to realize the full benefits of a lawn mower.

    Self-propulsion or pushed lawn mower

    This is also another major factor to be considered. This is because the workforce may not be readily available in some places. A self-propelled lawn mower will work best in areas where the grass is to be cut, but there needs to be a workforce. It can be considered if a person can push the mower around.

    The terrain of the place.

    Small mowers suit places with rugged terrain, while big mowers work best on almost flat grounds. This is because a small mower can easily be moved around, making it easy to navigate corners and go downhill and uphill.

    Power and performance of the mower.

    Depending on the size of the place to be slashed, the power and performance of the mower matter a lot. If the place is significant, then a mower with more power should be purchased; otherwise, the work may look shabby at the end if a low-power mower is used. The mower’s performance is also very significant, and you should choose a mower with good power to cut the grass evenly and consistently.

    Availability ability of height adjustment mechanism

    For fields that need to be decorated, mowers that have height adjustment mechanisms should be used. This is because cutting grass at different heights will be easy, bringing out the decoration effect. If a mower with a constant cutting height is used, it won’t be easy to bring out the impact of decoration.

    The price of the lawn mower

    When purchasing, you should consider the lawn mower price in Kenya to determine whether the amount is enough to buy the device you want. However, remember that quite expensive mowers have the best quality.


    To bind the clippings, purchase a mower with a bagging mechanism. Similarly, if you’re going to use it as mulch, purchasing a mower specialized in that job is good.