Guide To Solar Water Heaters Usage


    A solar water heater is a device that uses the sun’s radiation rays to create energy to create heat. The water heater only requires the free energy of nature, the solar thermal energy. Everyone has theories on how this works, and we are here to cover most questions that sway your thoughts.

    What is a solar water heater?

    A solar thermal receiver, a storage facility, and a proper piping system are enough to have one. This device is inspired by the inevitable supply of resources, specifically sunlight. The sun has been one element of life evident to humankind for the longest time imagined. The heat and light from the sun can either cause good or bad.

    As a human race, we tend to use anything to our advantage and hence the rise of the solar water heater. This device uses a solar thermal collector to heat water from 45-95 degrees Celsius, depending on the type of heater used. Placing water in a cup of any sort out in direct sunlight is a solar water heater, but having a modernized solar thermal collector is better.

    Depending on the latitude and weather, this water heating invention tends to provide efficient output no matter what. Is it cloudy? Is it in the night? Is it cold? Is it rainy? Is it on the eclipse? Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes, but I don’t want to make you sleep with a bored one-story line but let me take you step by step.

    There are two types of this kind of heaters, active and passive heaters. One significant difference is that active heaters don’t require storage tanks, while passive heaters require.


    The following are the advantages of solar water heaters;

    • This kind of heater requires solar energy; surprisingly, it works all year. Most of them have surprisingly magical technology to create heat, even during the night but also in winter.
    • The water heater saves on fuel costs as they require a never-ending source: the sun. The sun touches the whole earth. It only depends on the time and heat wavelength, but it still works with modern water heaters.
    • They also have a longer life span, a twenty-plus life span. This means that they also save on maintenance costs.
    • They are environmentally friendly. Hence saving the world.
    • Pipes tend to block when hard water is used in solar water heaters for an extended period.


    • The solar water heater does not specifically save on electrical expenditure, but they are the same as other appliances that consume as much.
    • They require a sizeable sun-free surface to work efficiently.
    • Depending on the installation size required, it can cost a lot.
    • On other water heaters, depending on the time, the solar waves received will significantly reciprocate the lifespan of heated water.


    A solar water heater can be one of the best ways to impact your life, so choose the equipment you want concerning your necessities. For more, check solar water heater prices in Kenya.