Weighing The Pros And Cons: Vacuum Cleaner Options For Your Home


    A vacuum cleaner is an electric machine that sucks up dust and dirt. Since their innovation, the vacuum cleaner has contributed to significant impacts. Some are pros, while others are cons. Pros include time-saving, stain removal, easy use, and more advanced features. Examples of cons are expensive, lifting difficulty, and that it can’t clean everything.

    Many benefits are attained when a vacuum cleaner is used during cleaning.


    Below are some pros of vacuum cleaner;

    Vacuum cleaners can clean in seconds, while hand cleaning takes hours. With it, you can clean thoroughly using the shortest time possible. During operation, less work is required; thus, the operator uses less energy, relaxing them to continue and do more work. One person operating the machine can clean a large area which would have required more than one person when using the manual method.

    • Can remove tough stains

    It helps your carpets and floors stay longer because, during cleaning, all dirt and stains are detected and removed. It helps remove both mold and mildew that can damage carpets, and sometimes stains of oils and paints can be hard to remove using the hand method or can also require a lot of work to do away with the stains compared to a vacuum cleaner which removes the tiniest stain on the surface.

    • Easy to use

    Installing and using a vacuum cleaner Kenya is very easy. Just plug on the socket and let it move on the floor anywhere you want to clean. The size of the surface being cleaned doesn’t matter as long as it remains connected to the power. Anybody with a sane mind can use it as it requires no professional skills to handle and control. Also, the gadget does all the work, so your only task is to control it to clean where you want.


    Every device and object we use daily is not a hundred percent sure reliable e. vacuum cleaner is not exceptional, have several drawbacks that come when we use it.

    • Heavy to lift

    Vacuum cleaners are bulky, cumbersome machines that are often hard to move around the home. In the case of uplift vacuum cleaners, it is always impossible to move up and downstairs when needed. They are always created in fairly large sizes though not much heavy, and require ample space for storage purposes. The operator uses more energy when cleaning different parts of the house where it needs to be uplifted to move to the next cleaning place.

    • It is unable to completely clean.

    Vacuum cleaners, despite their undeniable versatility, are still surface-level cleaning tools that are not always effective and must therefore be used in conjunction with other conventional cleaning techniques including wiping, scratching, scrubbing, and degreasing. Wet surfaces cannot be cleaned by done. They might harm the dust bag if they remove them.

    Additionally, the effectiveness of particle collection and absorption is highly influenced by filter quality.

    In conclusion, the advantages of using a vacuum cleaner outweigh the disadvantages because it has enabled us to perform more tasks efficiently in a concise period.