What You Need To Know About Sugarcane Juice Machines


    Sugarcane juice machines have become popular recently and are used to fetch juice from sugarcane.

    This article explains what they are, how they work, and what you should know should you want to buy one.

    Many small businesses have emerged in the streets where business people sell sugarcane juice. You might also be a business entrepreneur looking to venture into the sugarcane juice business.

    You may need a machine to fetch that juice from sugarcane, a sugarcane juice-making machine. This is a machine that presses sugarcane with stainless steel rollers. Before buying this machine, this article guides you that you can only get it right when purchasing one. You need to know these factors about this sugarcane juice machine before acquiring one.


    Sugarcane juice machines operate either manually or automatically. Depending on the work intensity, you can decide based on how the device is used. For a light workload, consider a manually operated sugarcane juice machine.

    However, a heavy workload may lead you to purchase an electrically operated one to save time and energy.


    In the case of a large-scale business, a larger sugarcane juice machine is ideal, whereas, for a small-scale business, a small device is fit and economical. This directly influences the cost incurred when purchasing a sugarcane juice machine.

    The space required to set up these machines also adds to the cost of getting the device. A larger machine will need a larger space, hence the high price of starting your business. However, you should get a good quality machine to avoid occasionally incurring repair and maintenance costs.

    Amount of Juice Needed

    Knowing what to look for in a sugarcane juice machine is essential depending on the amount of juice you want to produce in a specific duration. A sugarcane juice production machine will produce more juice from the sugarcane if it has many rollers.

    The number of rollers affects the surface area directly, which in turn affects the machine’s effectiveness in the juice extraction from the cane.


    For a small-scale business, your choice of machine should be easy to maintain. This means you can conduct checkups to ensure the device is in good condition and fix minor problems that do not require expertise. Consider the availability of spare parts locally should some machine parts get worn out.


    Another factor that you should not ignore is the efficiency of the machine. An efficient machine can do much while consuming less power. This helps keep your electric bills in check if you use an electrically powered sugarcane juice machine.

    However, a manually operated machine with poor efficiency will leave you exhausted, and eventually, you may also save time.


    Depending on the location where you want to set your sugarcane juice making, the noise produced by the machine might be an essential consideration. A less noisy machine is ideal for such a place in populated areas.


    Depending on the knowledge you have, choosing the right sugarcane juice-making machine can be stressful or manageable. All the factors mentioned earlier are a good guide for you when in the market for a device of this kind. For more, check sugarcane juice machine price in Kenya.