Youtuber Madan Gowri launched his news app ‘Kokru’


Popular Tamil YouTuber Madan Gowri launched a mobile app named Kokru. A news app that is available for Android and iOS mobile platforms to download for free. The app features six different Indian languages.

Madan Gowri, a well-known individual content creator on the youtube platform who recently reached 5 million subscribers to his channel. Notably, he is the first Tamil individual Youtuber to achieve this feat. On the occasion of celebrating the moment, Madan has unveiled his mobile app on his video.

Youtuber Madan Gowri launched his news app ‘Kokru’

Madan Gowri Kokru App

Kokru is a personalized news app that is available in Indian regional languages including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, and English. The app states ‘find the top news around you from trustable media houses, curates it in simple language, and summarizes it in one line.’

The app is available to install on both android and iOS platforms you can download it now from the play store and app store. The other feature on the app is exploring news under different categories. Kokru also includes the top trending news of the day which is used to know the latest talk of the town.

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Even though Kokru is highly inspired by the ‘Inshorts’ mobile app, the UI and user interface are unique and easy to use. If you are someone looking for a news app to know the latest awareness around you, then you can give it a try to this app.

On the very launch day after Madan Gowri unveiled the app in his Youtube video, Kokru started trending in-app store for most downloads. The app has more than 500,000 installs in its first week and is expected to reach millions in a few days.

In his video, Madan Gowri explained the long process behind app creation. It took him nearly 2 years to complete the development of the app and launch them to the public. The motto of the Kokru mobile app is to sever personalized news to an international audience from India.


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