Bigg Boss Tamil Vote (Online Voting)


    Here are the complete details of Bigg Boss Tamil Vote season 6, Online voting results, contestants, and elimination. The much anticipated sixth season of Tamil bigg boss kick started with 20 participants on Vijay television.

    Each week one contestant will be eliminated from the house based on the online poll. To vote for your favorite contestant officially install Hotstar mobile app and register.

    Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

    Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 was hosted by Kamal Haasan on Vijay television. The most popular and controversial television show of all time will be telecast every day.

    With 20 contestants from different professions including movies, television, social media, modeling, and more, The latest big boss season will have lots of favorites to vote for online.

    Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

    Below is the list of contestants who are nominated for Bigg Boss Tamil 6 voting for this week. Vote for your favorite contestant and save them from elimination.

    Bigg Boss Tamil Voting (Unofficial)

    (Disclaimer: This is an unofficial bigg boss voting poll conducted by The above poll not count for official voting results)

    Hotstar Voting

    How to vote for Bigg boss Tamil contestants? To cast your vote officially for your favorite participants, then you need to follow the below steps.

    Hotstar Bigg Boss Vote Tamil

    • Install the Disney+ Hotstar app on your mobile available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
    • Login or Register in the Hotstar app using the Mobile number or Email address.
    • Search ‘Bigg Boss Tamil‘ and select the index page with the Kamal Haasan image.
    • Click on the ‘Vote‘ button to see all the nominated contestants for the week.
    • Select your favorite content and vote up to 10 times per day and click the ‘Submit‘ button to confirm your voting.

    Note – One user can vote up to 10 times per day from a registered mobile number or email address through Disney+ Hotstar mobile app. User can cast all their vote to one participant or they can split and poll for multiple members.

    Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Results

    Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Results

    Here are the results of Bigg Boss Tamil Voting 6 Tamil 2022 for each week. As per the reports, the season is planned for 100 days which takes a duration of 15 long weeks.

    Week 5 Nominees | Elimination

    • Ayesha
    • Maheswari
    • ADK
    • Dhanalakshmi
    • Vikraman
    • Ram
    • Azeem

    Week 3 Nominees | Elimination

    • ADK
    • Asal
    • Ayesha
    • Azeem
    • Janany
    • Maheswari
    • Rachitha

    Week 2 Nominees | Elimination

    • Ayesha
    • Azeem
    • Dhanalakshmi
    • Maheswari
    • Nivashini
    • Queency
    • Rachitha
    • Ram
    • Shanthi – Eliminated
    • Sherina
    • Shivin
    • Vikraman

    In the second week, Shanthi announced the first elimination of Bigg Boss Tamil 6. On the other end, the most popular contestant of the season, GP Muthu walked out due to personal reasons.

    Week 1 Nominees | Elimination

    • No Nomination & Voting

    So far each week on average three contestants will be expected to nominate for public voting and 1 member will get eliminated based on the final results of the poll. Below you can see the list of nominees for each week and also the eliminated participants.

    Missed Call Voting

    Apart from online voting through the Hotstar app, the makers of the show are also organized for Bigg Boss Tamil missed call voting. By using your mobile phone you can register your bigg boss vote for your favorite contestant.

    One person can give up to ten missed call votes per day to their favorite participant to save them from eviction. Below is the list of missed call numbers for 2022.

    ContestantMissed Call Number
    Vote for ADK-
    Vote for Amudhavanan-
    Vote for Asal Kolaar-
    Vote for Ayesha Zeenath-
    Vote for Dhanalakshmi-
    Vote for GP Muthu-
    Vote for Janany-
    Vote for Manikanta Rajesh-
    Vote for Mohammed Azeem-
    Vote for Nivaashiyni-
    Vote for Queency Stanly-
    Vote for Rachitha Mahalaxmi-
    Vote for Ram Ramasamy-
    Vote for Robert Master-
    Vote for Shanthi Master-
    Vote for Sheriina-
    Vote for Shivin Ganesan-
    Vote for Vikraman R-
    Vote for VJ Kathirravan-
    Vote for VJ Maheshwari

    Missed call voting process for bigg boss Tamil contestants are very easy and too straightforward. Dial the below list of missed call numbers on your phone who are nominated for that particular week.


    Below is the list of Bigg Boss Voting Elimination contestants for Tamil season 6. Each week one participant gets evicted from the show based on the overall voting from the public through the Hotstar app.

    • Week 1 – No Eviction
    • Week 2 – Santhi Eliminated, GP Muthu Week 2 Nominees | Elimination Walkout
    • Week 3 – To be updated

    The captain of the week is not able to nominate for the week, so the people in the danger zone will battle for captaincy tasks each week to escape from the chance of getting eliminated.

    We listed the list of eliminated contestants from the Tamil big boss show each week. Even though participants were evicted from the show, they get good fame among the audience through playing gaming inside BB house.

    Contestants List

    Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants

    A total of 20 contestants have participated in Bigg Boss Season 6 show. below you can find the list of all participants battling to win the title of Tamil big boss in 2022.

    The list of all contestants was from different professions including movie stars, television actors, social media celebrities, and more. So with the mix of people from various esteem, season 6 of bb Tamil is expected to add more insights to the audience.

    Some of the prominent names of bigg boss Tamil vote season 6 include GP Muthu, Rachitha Mahalakshmi, Amudhavanan, and more. Apart from popular people, some underrated performers are also battling for the title.

    SlContestant NameProfessionStatus
    3Asal KolaarSingerCompeting
    4Ayesha ZeenathActressCompeting
    6GP MuthuSocial Media StarCompeting
    7JananyNews ReaderCompeting
    8Manikanta RajeshEntrepreneurCompeting
    9Mohammed AzeemActorCompeting
    11Queency StanlyActress/ModelCompeting
    12Rachitha MahalashmiActressCompeting
    13Ram RamasamyModelCompeting
    14Robert MasterChoreographerCompeting
    15Shanthi MasterChoreographerCompeting
    17Shivin GanesanModelCompeting
    18Vikraman RPoliticianCompeting
    19VJ KathirravanVJCompeting
    20VJ MaheshwariVJCompeting


    Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam (aka) ADK is a singer and rapper known for performing in Tamil movies and as an independent artist. Hail from Sri Lanka, ADK’s dream is to get proper recognition for his talent through bigg boss Tamil show.


    Vijay television’s well-known comedian Amudhavanan enters the BB Tamil 6 house as a contestant in 2022. Recently he won the KPY Champion Doubles title and is now desperate to win one more TV show to his name.

    Asal Kolaar

    One of the budding rappers from north Chennai, Asal Kolaar is earlier known for his viral youtube song Jorthaale. The young lad making his way into bigg boss Tamil season 6 in 2022 as a participant.

    Ayesha Zeenath

    A charming Tamil serial actress is known for featuring in Sembaruthi in Zee Tamil. When Vijay Television approached Ayesha for featuring in Bigg Boss Tamil she decided to accept the offer.


    One of the commoner participants of BB Tamil 6 is Dhanalakshmi. She is earlier known for making videos on platforms including Tik Tok, Instagram, and others platforms.

    GP Muthu

    The most popular contestant of the season was GP Muthu, a social media personality who makes fun videos on youtube. The arrival of GP Muthu brings lots of attention among the audience for Bigg Boss Tamil Voting in 2022.


    Bigg Boss 6 Tamil includes a participant from Sri Lanka and her name was Janany Kunaseelan. She is a news reader by profession and admires featuring in Tamil movies as a heroine.

    Manikandan Rajesh

    Manikandan Rajesh is a Tamil television actor known for featuring in serials. He was recognized as the brother of Kollywood actor Aishwarya Rajesh and was also featured in a reputed television serial for Vijay TV and Zee Tamil.

    Mohammed Azeem

    Another Tamil television actor Mohammed Azeem also enter Bigg Boss Tamil season 6. He was earlier featured Vijay television serial Pagal Nilavu and now competing for Bigg Boss tamil voting.


    The makers of Bigg Boss 6 introduced a gorgeous model Nivashini to the reality show. She is known for her modeling background.

    Queency Stanly

    A budding actress and model Queency Stanly was a part of the Tamil bigg boss 6 vote in 2022. With lots of aspirations to promote herself as a heroine in Kollywood, Queency enters the BB house,

    Rachitha Mahalakshmi

    The most popular face of BB Tamil 6 Rachitha is known for acting in some popular Tamil television serials. She was earlier featured in Saravana Meenakshi on Vijay TV and also many serials on other television.

    Ram Ramasamy

    An aspiring young model from Chennai Ram Ramasamy is a known personality in the modeling circuit. Ram desired to feature in Tamil movies as an actor and to gain some popularity through the show he decided to enter the bigg boss vote Tamil.

    Robert Master

    Kollywood dance choreographer Robert Master wants to have new experiences in this phase of his life. Ever working with all the top actors in Tamil, Robert enters the Bigg Boss tamil vote just for some fun.

    Shanthi Master

    Starting her career as a dancer, Shanthi Master is known for featuring in Tamil serials off late. She worked in many movies and television serials in Tamil and is now part of the bigg boss 6 Tamil vote.


    One more female model has been added to BB Tamil season 6 and her name was Shiina. The young and gorgeous actress working in the modeling field for many years and aspires to feature in films.

    Shivin Ganesan

    Like Namitha Marimuthu in the previous season, Shivin Ganesan is included now as the trans participant. She is one of the commoner contestants along with Maheshwari.


    For the first time in bigg boss Tamil, a politician & journalist contestant enters the house. Vikraman is a member of Viduthalai Siruthagal Kazhagam (VCK) and a journalist by profession.

    VJ Kathirravan

    Sun Music’s well-known anchor VJ Kathiravan was a part of Bigg Boss tamil vote 2022. With lots of female followers, he is one of the favorites to reach finals.

    VJ Maheshwari

    Television actress and video jockey Maheshwari made her appearance on Vijay TV’s controversial reality show. She acted in television series, shows, and Tamil movies.

    Myna Nandhini

    Vijay Television’s well-known actress Myna Nandhini enters the Bigg Boss 6 Tamil vote as the firs wildcard contestant. She enters the house on the 8th day of the show.

    About Bigg Boss Tamil season 6

    Bigg Boss Tamil Voting

    Show Name Bigg Boss Telugu [ref]
    Season 6
    Online Streaming Disney+ Hotstar
    Channel Vijay Television
    Start Date 10 October 2022
    Telecast Time 24×7
    No. of Contestants 20
    Language Tamil

    Bigg Boss Tamil is a reality TV show that airs on Vijay TV, and is one of the most popular shows in Tamil Nadu. The show is based on the popular Hindi reality show Bigg Boss, which is broadcast on Vijay TV.

    The show has been running for five seasons, and the sixth season is set to air in October 2022. As reported earlier, Kamal Haasan to host the popular show.

    The show is controversial and has been criticized by some for its depiction of violence and women. However, it is also popular for its unscripted moments, and for giving a platform to lesser-known celebrities.

    Since its launch in 2017, the show has been a huge hit with viewers and often generates a lot of controversies. One of the most controversial aspects of the show is the way in which contestants are often treated.

    While some believe that the show is an accurate representation of reality, others believe that the contestants are often mistreated and exploited for the sake of entertainment.

    In this essay, I will be exploring the different ways in which contestants are treated on the show, and arguing that the show is more exploitative than it is accurate.

    The first thing to note about Bigg Boss Tamil Voting is that the show is edited heavily. This means that viewers only see what the producers want them to see.

    This can be very misleading, as it means that the viewers only see what the producers want them to see. This can create a false impression of what is really happening on the show.

    For example, in one episode of Bigg Boss Tamil vote, a contestant was shown making a derogatory comment about another contestant’s mother. However, what was not shown was the context in which the comment was made.

    How to Watch Bigg Boss Tamil

    Bigg Boss Vote Tamil

    Bigg Boss Tamil is a reality show that airs on Vijay TV. The show is hosted by actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan. It is based on the Hindi show Big Boss, which was originally based on the UK show Celebrity Big Brother.

    Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Vote is one of the most popular reality shows in Tamil Nadu. The show has been running for three seasons and has been a ratings hit. The show is available on the Vijay TV website and on their official YouTube channel.

    Hotstar is an app that you can download on your phone or tablet. You can watch bigg boss Tamil on Hotstar by subscribing to the channel. The channel is available on the app store and play store.

    You can also watch Tamil on Hotstar by subscribing to the premium membership. The premium membership gives you access to all the content on the app. You can also watch bigg boss on Hotstar by subscribing to the VIP membership.

    The VIP membership gives you access to all the content on the app and also gives you discounts on the subscription.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q) What is the prize money for the Bigg Boss Tamil vote winner?

    A) The winner of bigg boss Tamil season 6 will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 50 lakhs.

    Q) Who is the host of bigg boss tamil season 6?

    A) Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan is the host of BB tamil 2022.

    Q) How many times one user can vote?

    A) A registered user can cast up to 10 votes per day using Disney+ Hotstar mobile app.

    Q) who is the Bigg Boss Tamil elimination today?

    A) Each week one contestant will be eliminated from the show. Please check the above Elimination section to know more information.

    Q) What are the bigg boss Tamil vote results percentage this week?

    A) In the above result section we have updated the latest voting results of the online voting poll.

    In conclusion, here completing the details of Bigg Boss Tamil Vote (Online Voting), Results, and Elimination for Season 6. Stay tuned to this page to know all the latest news and updates about the Bigg Boss television show on