Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Contestants Names List with Photos

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Contestants – The much-awaited Bigg Boss Telugu contestants for season 6 have been revealed, and the list includes some very familiar faces. With a mix of celebrities and commoners, the show is sure to be an interesting one.

The grand launch of bigg boss Telugu is telecast on Star Maa television on 4th September 2022. With all the buzz and rumors, finally, the complete list of participants is out.

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Contestants List

Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants

Adi ReddyYoutuberCompeting
Arjun KalyanActorCompeting
Arohi RaoAnchorCompeting
Chalaki ChantiActorCompeting
Geetu RoyalInternet CelebrityCompeting
Inaya SultanaActressCompeting
Keerthi Keshav BhatActressCompeting
Marina AbrahamActressCompeting
Neha ChowdaryAnchorCompeting
Raja ShekarModelCompeting
RJ SuryaRadio JockeyCompeting
Rohit SahniActorCompeting
Shaani SalmonActorCompeting
Sri SatyaActressCompeting
Sudeepa PinkyActressCompeting
Vasanthi KrishnanActressCompeting

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Contestant Photos

Find out the full list of Telugu bigg boss contestants’ names with photos. Some of the celebrities are widely known to audiences for their previous works.

Neha Chowdary

Neha Chowdry Bigg Boss Telugu Contestant
Rohit Sahni & Marina Abraham

Rohit Marina Bigg Boss Telugu Contestant

Shrihan Bigg Boss Telugu Contestant

Revanth Bigg Boss Telugu Contestant
Chalaki Chanti

Chalki Chanti Bigg Boss Telugu Contestant
Adi Reddy

Adi Reddy Bigg Boss Telugu Contestant
Sudeepa Pinky

Pinky Sudeepa Bigg Boss Telugu Contestant
Vasanthi Krishnan

Jabardasth Tanmay Bigg Boss Telugu Contestant
Inaya Sultana

Inaya Sultana Bigg Boss Telugu ContestantBaladitya

Sri Satya
Sri Satya Bigg Boss Telugu Contestant

Deepika Pilli

Deepika Pilli Bigg Boss Telugu Contestant
Geetu Royal

Geetu Royal Bigg Boss Telugu Contestant
Arohi Rao

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About Bigg Boss Telugu 6

Since its inception, the Bigg Boss Telugu reality show has been one of the most popular television programs in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The show, which is based on the original Dutch Big Brother format, follows a group of Contestants who live together in a specially constructed house that is isolated from the outside world.

As earlier mentioned, King Nagarjuna is hosting the Bigg Boss Telugu 6 on Star Maa television. The prominent star of Tollywood working with the makers for the 4th consecutive year.

The Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants are sequestered in a house with no contact with the outside world in order to make them dependent on the show’s producers for everything from food and clothing to information and emotional support.

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This isolation is meant to create an intense feeling of isolation and anxiety in the Contestants, which in turn makes for good television.

While the Bigg Boss Telugu show has been accused of many things, one thing that cannot be denied is the fact that it is one of the most popular television programs in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

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