Bigg Boss Telugu Vote (Season 6) Online Voting

Get complete information about Bigg Boss Telugu Vote season 6 including voting results, nominees, and elimination. The most popular Telugu television show telecast on Star Maa TV and Disney+ Hotstar OTT platform.

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting process takes place each week to eliminate one contestant from the show. The official voting poll will be available on Hotstar mobile app for registered users.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Bigg Boss Telugu online Vote poll is the voting process to select the winner of the reality TV show. The show is full of twists and turns, and the contestants are constantly vying for the top spot.

The popular reality show where contestants are locked up in a house for months with no contact with the outside world.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Bigg Boss Voting (Unofficial Poll)

(Disclaimer – This is an unofficial public opinion voting poll of Bigg Boss Telugu season 6. This doesn’t count for Official voting, check the following steps for the Hotstar voting process.)

Hotstar Voting

How to vote for Bigg Boss Telugu 6 contestants on Hotstar? Below you can find the complete step-to-step guide about the voting process.

Bigg Boss Vote Hotstar

  1. Install Disney+ Hotstar mobile app from the App store or Play store for your respective mobile device.
  2. Login with the Hotstar app using your registered mobile number or Email address.
  3. Type ‘Bigg Boss Telugu‘ on the search bar and navigate to the landing page of Telugu bigg boss.
  4. You can able to find Vote Now button below the banner and click them to see nominees.
  5. Select your favorite nominee to vote for. One user can able to cast 10 votes per day.
  6. After successfully selecting your vote, click on the ‘Submit‘ button to confirm your voting.

The Bigg Boss Telugu Vote is an important event, not just for the contestants, but also for the viewers. It is a chance for the viewers to have their say in who wins the show.

Bigg Boss Missed Call Number

Users can cast their Bigg Boss Telugu vote using their mobile phone using missed call feature. By dialing the below-mentioned missed number, you can cast vote for your favorite contestant.

Find the list of Bigg Boss Missed telugu call vote numbers in the following table.

Contestants Missed Call Vote Number
Vote for Abhinaya Sri +91 7288877609
Vote for Adi Reddy +91 7288877617
Vote for Arjun Kalyan +91 7288877607
Vote for Arohi Rao +91 7288877619
Vote for Bala Aditya +91 72888776011
Vote for Chalaki Chanti +91 7288877605
Vote for Faima +91 7288877616
Vote for Galatta Geetu +91 7288877608
Vote for Inaya Sulthana +91 7288877614
Vote for Keerthi Bhat +91 7288877601
Vote for Marina & Rohit +91 7288877610
Vote for Neha Chowdary +91 7288877604
Vote for Rajshekar +91 7288877618
Vote for RJ Suryah +91 7288877615
Vote for Shani Salmon +91 7288877613
Vote for Singer Revanth +91 7288877620
Vote for Sri Satya +91 7288877606
Vote for Srihan +91 7288877603
Vote for Sudeepa Pinky +91 7288877602
Vote for Vasanthi Krishnan +91 7288877612

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Results

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Results

The Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Results is the process whereby the viewers of the show get to vote for their favorite contestant.

Week 5 Voting Results | Nominees List

  • Adi Reddy
  • Arjun Kalyan
  • Baladitya
  • Chalaki Chanti
  • Faima
  • Inaya Sultana
  • Marina Abraham
  • Vasanthi Krishnan

Week 4 Voting Results | Nominees List

  • Sudeepa
  • Keerthi Bhat
  • Shrihan
  • Inaya Sultana
  • RJ Surya
  • Raja Shekar
  • Revanth
  • Geetu Royal
  • Arjun Kalyan
  • Arohi Rao

Week 3 Voting Results | Nominees List

  • Arohi Rao
  • Baladitya
  • Chalaki Chanti
  • Geetu Royal
  • Inaya Sultana
  • Neha Chowdary – Eliminated
  • Revanth
  • Shrihan
  • Sudeepa Pinky
  • Vasanthi Krishnan

On the week 3, Neha Chowdry has been eliminated from bigg boss telugu voting results. She has received lesser number of votes from the online poll.

Week 2 Voting Results | Nominees List

  • Geetu Royal
  • Raj Shekar
  • Faima
  • Abhinaya – Eliminated
  • Revanth
  • Marina & Rohit
  • Shani Salmon – Eliminated
  • Adi Reddy

The voting results of bigg boss Telugu week 2 have been revealed. Abhinaya and Shani Salmon are the first two contestants to get evicted from the new season of Telugu bigg boss.

Nagarjuna has announced the tough part of the show during the weekend special. Both the received a lesser number of votes among the audience during the second week of the poll.

Week 1 Voting Results | Nominees List

  • Arohi Rao
  • Inaya Sultana
  • Revanth
  • Sri Satya
  • Abhinaya
  • Faima
  • Chalaki Chanti

The contestant with the most votes is declared the winner of the show. The Bigg Boss Telugu Vote is a highly anticipated event, and the whole country watches with bated breath to see who will be crowned the winner.

In this section, we have updated the result of voting along with the total number of contestants nominated for voting each week. At the end of the week, one participant will be eliminated from the show.

Elimination List

According to the show format, each week one participant needs to get eliminated from the game show based on the voting result.

The contestant with the lesser voting from the public through the Hotstar app needs to evict.

  • Week 1 – No Elimination
  • Week 2 –

The Bigg Boss Telugu Vote is not just about the contestants, but also about the viewers. It is a chance for the viewers to have their say in who wins the show.

It is also a chance for the viewers to get involved in the show and feel like they are part of the process.

Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants

Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants

For the sixth season of bigg boss Telugu, a total of 21 contestants have been participating in the most popular reality show. The list of people is from different working platforms including movies, television social media, and more.

Below are the total number of contestants who are participating in the show along with their respective professions and current status inside the house.

Adi ReddyYoutuberCompeting
Arjun KalyanActorCompeting
Arohi RaoAnchorCompeting
Chalaki ChantiActorCompeting
Geetu RoyalInternet CelebrityCompeting
Inaya SultanaActressCompeting
Keerthi Keshav BhatActressCompeting
Marina AbrahamActressCompeting
Neha ChowdaryAnchorCompeting
Raja ShekarModelCompeting
RJ SuryaRadio JockeyCompeting
Rohit SahniActorCompeting
Shaani SalmonActorCompeting
Sri SatyaActressCompeting
Sudeepa PinkyActressCompeting
Vasanthi KrishnanActressCompeting


Abinayashree is a notable actress from south India. She is known for featuring in many Tamil and Telugu movies including Friends, Challenge, Chandamama, Ek Niranjan, and more.

Adi Reddy

Adi Reddy is a Telugu YouTuber widely known for reviewing bigg boss Telugu show on his channel. After analyzing other performances in previous editions, Adi is now part of the same show.

Arjun Kalyan

Arjun Kalyan is a Tollywood actor featured in some successful movies. After finishing his masters in USA, Arjun acted in Telugu movies like Premam, Play Back, Varudu Kaavalenu, and more.

Arohi Rao

Arohi Rao is a television personality who works as an anchor for TV shows. She has worked with different channels and is notably known for hosting programmes on TV9 Telugu.


The multi-talented Baladitya is known for featuring in Telugu cinema. He has worked as an actor, dialogue writer, dubbing artist, television show host, song lyricist, and more.

Chalaki Chanti

The prominent Telugu comedian Chalaki Chanti aka Vinay Mohan is one of the participants of Bigg boss 6. Some of the movies he acted including Jallu, Jabardasth, and more Telugu movies.


Jabardasth Faima is a Telugu cinema actress and prominent social media personality. She has participated in Patas 2 and Pove Pora Telugu television shows.

Geetu Royal

The gorgeous actress Geetu Royal appeared in big boss Telugu season 6. She is widely popular on social media platforms like Instagram and Youtube.

Inaya Sultana

The pretty model Inaya Sultana is earlier known for featuring in Tollywood films. Some of the notable performances by Inaya include Aevum Jagat, Buji Ilaa Raa, Nata Ratnalu, and Yad Bhavam.

Keerthi Keshav Bhat

The beautiful television serial actress Keerthi Keshav Bhat decided to explore a new adventure by entering the big boss house. She has appeared in the Kannada movie Ice Mahal and acted in the Telugu television serial Karthika Deepam.

Marina Abraham

Marina Abraham Sahni is a well-known actress in Telugu movies and also on television. She has entered the bigg boss Telugu season 6 along with her husband Rohit Sahni.

Neha Chowdary

Neha Chowdary is an Indian television presenter and anchor known for working on Telugu television channels. She is popularly known for appearing in Star Sports Telugu preview shows for cricket matches.

Raja Shekar

The handsome fashion model and television actor Raja Shekar made his appearance in BB Telugu season 6. Some of his notable television serials include Kalyana Vaibhogam, Manasantha Nuvve, and more.


One of the most popular contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu season 6 is Singer LV Revanth. The most prominent film singer earlier won the Indian Idol 9 Television show in 2008. he has sung more than 200+ songs in Telugu movies.

RJ Surya

The young and energetic RJ Surya is a part of BB Telugu for season 6. He is working as Radio Jockey on Red FM and is popular among youngsters.

Rohit Sahni

Rohit Sahni is one of the prominent faces of the Telugu television circuit. He has featured in various serials including Kalusukovalani, Abhishekam, Neeli Kaluvalu, Abhilasha, and Amrutha Varshini.

Shani Salmon

Shani Solman is a Telugu cinema actor known for acting in Gharshana, Devadas, Happy, Ready, Okka Magadu, and Shahshirekha Parinayam. To make himself challenging in life, he entered the bigg boss 6 Telugu house in 2022.


Shrihan is an actor and internet personality known for featuring on Youtube. Some of the notable roles of Shrihan include Mass Girl Friend, Pulihora Rani, Nana Kuchi, Lockdown Love, and more.

Sri Satya

The young and beautiful television serial actress Sri Satya is known for acting in Muddha Mandaram, Buddha Mandaram, and more. She is now participating in bigg boss Telugu 2022 (Season 6) as a contestant.

Sudeepa Pinky

Sudeepa Pinky is a prominent actress from the south Indian film industry. She is known for acting in movies like Sunayana, Kotha Bangaram, Maavichguru, Pasupu Kumkuma, Parthighatana and more.

Vasanthi Krishnan

The gorgeous Vasanthi Krishnan is known for acting in Telugu language films and television serials. Some of her recent works include Siri Siri Muvvalu and Cauliflower.

About Bigg Boss Telugu

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting

Show Name Bigg Boss Telugu [ref]
Season 6
Online Streaming Disney+ Hotstar
Channel Star Maa
Start Date 4 September 2022
Telecast Time 24×7
No. of Contestants 21
Language Telugu

Bigg Boss Telugu is a reality TV show that airs on Star Maa. The show is based on the original Dutch version of the show, Big Brother. The show follows a group of contestants who live together in a house for a period of 100 days.

The show is known for its controversies and fights. While the show is known for its controversies and fights, there are also other themes that are explored in the show.

As we reported earlier, King Nagarjuna is hosting the bigg boss Telugu season 6 in 2022. He is working for 4 consecutive years with the Star Maa.

These themes include human emotions, relationships, and trust. One of the most interesting things about Bigg Boss Telugu is the way that it explores human emotions.

The contestants on the show are put in a situation where they are forced to live with people who they may not know very well. Remember to cast Bigg Boss Telugu Vote weekly for your favourite contestants.

This can lead to a lot of emotional stress and anxiety. The show also explores relationships. The contestants are often seen forming close bonds with each other. Trust is also a big theme on the show. The contestants often have to trust each other with important tasks.

Watch Bigg Boss Online

There are a few ways to watch Bigg Boss Telugu vote online. The first way is to download the Disney+ Hotstar App.

Once the app is downloaded, you can create an account and sign in. After you sign in, you will be able to watch the show on your mobile device.

The second way is to visit the Hotstar website on your computer. Once you are on the website, you can create an account and sign in.

After you sign in, you will be able to watch the show on your computer. The third way to watch the show is to purchase a Hotstar VIP subscription.

With a Hotstar VIP subscription, you will be able to watch all the episodes of the season. You can purchase a Hotstar VIP subscription from the Hotstar website.

The fourth and final way to watch the show is to purchase the episodes from an online store such as Amazon Prime Video or Google Play Store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Does the Above voting includes official results?
A. No. We at conducting an unofficial public opinion poll which doesn’t count for official results.

Q. How many votes one can vote per day in the Hotstar app?
A. One user can cast up to 10 votes per day from a registered mobile number or email address.

Q. What are the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Results?
A. You can find the above section to know all the latest results of the week.

Q. Who eliminated this week from bigg boss Telugu 6?
A. In the Elimination section above, you can track the list of the eliminated participant each week.

Q. How to watch bigg boss Telugu live?
A. Subscribe to Disney+ Hotstar mobile app to watch all the episodes of the show or else you can watch on Star Maa television.

In conclusion, here completing the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 6 (Online Voting), Results, Elimination, Contestants, and more. Stay tuned to to find out more interesting news and updates about the Bigg Boss show.