Cook with Comali 3 Winner Name, Runner, Grand Finals Result

The much-awaited Cook with Comali 3 winner has been announced. Vijay Television‘s most popular reality show Cooku with Comali season 3 came to an end.

Cook with Comali started in January 2022 and was successfully conducted for six long months. Shrutika Arun was declared the title winner of CWC season 3.

Cook with Comali Season 3 Title Winner

Cook With Comali 3 Winner

Here is the complete list of CWC winners, runners, and all positions with prize details.

Sl. Contestant Position
1 Shrutika Arjun Title Winner
2 Darshan Runner Up
3 Ammu Abhirami 2nd Runner Up
4 Vidhyulekha Raman 4th Position
5 Grace Karunas 5th Position
6 Santhosh Prathap 6th Position

Who is your favorite contestant of Cook with Comali? 

Shrutika Arun – Title Winner

According to the source, Shrutika emerges as the title winner of CWC season 3. Earlier she has been qualified directly to the finals without battling for semi-finals and wild card.

Shrutika Cook With Comali Winner

Shrutika cooked a variety of dishes throughout the season and impressed the judges. She has won Chef of the week for multi times during her journey in cooku with comali 3. She has been awarded 5 lakh rupees prize money.

Darshan – Runner Up

Darshan Cook with Comali 3 Winner

The charming Tamil actor Darshan has been declared the first runner-up of Cook with Comali season 3. After being a consistent competitor throughout the season, Darshan directly qualified for the finals in the preliminary rounds.

Without knowing much about cooking during the initial phase, Darshan aces his talent after tryout various cuisine. With little point difference he losses the title against Shrutika.

Ammu Abirami

Ammu Abirami Cook With Comali 3 Winner

The gorgeous and youngest contestant of the season Ammu Abhirami has secured the 2nd Runner up spot in the CWC 3 finale. She is one of the direct finalists of the season.

Even though she struggles during the initial phase of the season, Ammu learned about the different variety of food dishes and delivered her best in Cook with comali.

Vidhyulekha Raman

Vidyullekha Cook With Comali 3 Winner

One of the strongest participant Vidhyulekha Raman finishes in 4th position in CWC 3. Known for attempting different collaboration of dishes, Vishu qualified directly to the finale from the semifinals.

Apart from cooking, she is known for entertaining television audiences with her comics along with KPY Bala. Earlier she was considered the top participant to lift the trophy.

Grace Karunas

Grace Cook With Comali 3 Winner

The talented singer and oldest female contestant of the season Grace Karunas have ended up CWC season 3 in fifth position. She made a strong comeback in the wildcard round and gets her ticket to the finale.

Grace has cooked some of the best dishes of the season and she is strongest when comes to serving Indian cuisine.

Santhosh Prathap

Santhosh Prathap Cook With Comali 3 Winner

The handsome hunk of Cook with Comali season 3, Santhosh Prathap declares finishing the season in 6th spot. Evicted during the earlier week of the show, Santhosh impressed judges in the wildcard.

He has been selected as the sixth and final participant o the finals of CWC. Without having prior knowledge in cooking, Santhosh tried his best in the show.

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Cook with Comali 3 Finalist

A total of six participants have advanced to the finals of CWC in 2022. Shrutika qualified as the first finalist during the Ticket to Finale round. Followed by Ammu Abhirami, Dharsan and Vidyullekha enter the finals after battling in the semi-finals.

Grace Karunas and Santhosh Prathap come back in the wildcard round and qualified for the grand finals of Cook with Comali 3.

Finals Comali’s List

Cook wtih Comali Season 3 Winner Name.jfif

CWC Grand Finale

The most anticipated grand finals of Cooku with comali are to be telecast on Vijay TV on 24 June 2022. The popular show to telecast for nonstop 5 hours from 3 PM to 8 PM.

Date: 24 June 2022
Venue: EVP Chennai
Judges: Chef Damu, Chef Venkatesh Bhatt
Host: VJ Rakshan

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After Bigg Boss, Cokk with Comali is widely reached among the Tamil audience across the world. The comedy cook show is known for complete fun and entertainment and airs on Vijay television every week.

The list of Comali who paired during the finals is KPY Bala, Manimegalai, Shivangi, Pugazh, Sunitha, and Kureshi. Chef Damu and Venkatesh Bhatt are the judges and VJ Rakshan has hosted the CWC finals.

Watch the full show on Disney+ Hotstar on 24th July 2022 online. The show will be re-telecast on Vijay TV in the upcoming weeks.

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In conclusion, Here completing the details of Cook with Comali season 3 title winner, Runner, Photos, and more. Stay tuned to our Television section to know more interesting information about the latest television news.

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