Top 6 Best Jayshree Gaikwad Web Series List

Here is the complete list of Jayshree Gaikwad Web Series to stream online. Jayshree Gaikwad, an elegant actress is well known for appearing in hot web shows in India.

Some of the prominent web series in which Jayshree acted included Pehredaar, Baba Rancho, Paglet and some others. She has been featured on various popular platforms including Cineprime, Primeplay, Rabbit Movies, Goodflix Movies and more.

Find out the full list of the hot web series acted by Jayshree Gaikwad below.

Best Jayshree Gaikwad Web Series to Watch Online

Jayshree Gaikwad Web Series List

Pehredaar (Primeplay)

Pehredaar Jayshree Gaikwad Web Series

The gorgeous actress played a pivotal role in Primeplay’s Pehredaar. She was one among the three lady leads which include Shyna Khatri and Neha Gupta alongside with her.

She played the character name Seema, a naughty daughter-in-law who loves to obey orders of her Susur Ji. She appeared in some bold scenes in this web show.

Paglet (Primeplay)

Paglet Jayshree Gaikwad Web Series

Paglet is one of the earlier releases of Primeplay web platform in 2022. The new OTT platform releases exclusive web content on its launch.

In this series, Jayashree acted in a pivotal role of a married lady. Some of the other cast of Paglet web series include Juhi Chatterji, Sonia Singh, and Rocky Singh.

Jalebi (Rabbit Movies)

Jalebi Jayshree Web Series

Rabbit Movies’ sensational web series Jelabi was lead by Maahi Khan. In this series, Jaishree Gaikwad appeared in a small role. She acted as the bold lady in this episode and played a wonderful sequence.

  • Platform: Rabbit Movies
  • Year: 2022

Baba Rancho Aur Virgin Bhoot (Cineprime)

Baba Rancho Aur Virgin Bhoot Web Series

The baba is the protagonist of the Baba Rancho Aur Virgin Bhoot because of his ability to draw in a large crowd. The women in his vicinity are smitten with his charisma and talents. Is it possible that his meeting with a ghost may alter the plot?

This Jayshree Gaikwad web series includes a star cast of Aliya Naaz and Neha Gupta in the lead roles.

  • Platform: Cineprime
  • Year: 2022

Baba Rancho (Cineprime)

Baba Rancho Web Series

Baba Rancho has the answers to any and all relationship difficulties. View the hilarious and exciting exploits of a con man and his helper as they swindle others out of their money and use it to live out their wildest dreams, only to be foiled by the observant Sheetal ji.

  • Platform: Cineprime
  • Year: 2022

Rail Gadi Chhuk Chhuk (Goodflix Movies)

Rail Gadi Chhuk Chhuk Web Series

Rail Gadi Chhuk Chhuk is one of the earlier Jayshree Gaikwad web series in which she appeared in the female lead cast. The series Rail Gadi Chhuk Chhuk was released on Goodflix Movies platform in 2021.

  • Platform: Goodflix Movies
  • Year: 2021


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