Top 5 Best Noor Malabika Web Series List to Watch Online

Here is the complete list of Noor Malabika Web Series to stream online. She is particularly skilled at conveying complex feelings in a subtle way. This makes her a very powerful and nuanced actress.

Some of the prominent web series in which Noor Malabika has featured include Mafia 2, and Palang Tod Siskiyaan. She has acted for various web series platforms including Ullu, Big M Zoo, Neufliks and more.

Find out the full list of the Hot web series acted by Noor Malabika below.

Top Noor Malabika Web Series to Watch Online

Noor Malabika Web Series

Sl. Web Series Year Platform
1 Charmsukh Tapan 2022 Ullu
2 Palang Tod Siskiyaan 2022 Ullu
3 Saali Aadhi Gharwali 2022 Big M Zoo
4 I Am Sorry Teacher 2021 Big M Zoo
5 Mafia 2 2021 Neufliks

Charmsukh Tapan (Ullu)

Charmsukh Tapan Noor Malabika Web Series

After the impressive performance in her previous Ullu series Siskiyaan, Noor Malabika featured in her next Charmsukh Tapan. The Hot web series revolves around an interesting storyline of family.

  • Platform: Ullu
  • Cast: Neha Gupta, Noor
  • Year: 2022

Watch Charmsukh Tapan Series

Palang Tod Siskiyaan (Ullu)

Siskiyaan Noor Malabika Web Series

Siskiyaan Palang Tod, the hot web series by Ullu Originals has been released on 5 August 2022. Noor has made her debut as the lead actress on the most popular web series platform in India. She has played the role of Baahu which has some bold scenes.

She has a natural talent for embodying the emotions of her characters and she is able to connect with her audience on a deeper level. You can stream the Siskiyaan web series online by subscribing to Ullu OTT platform.

  • Platform: Ullu
  • Cast: Tarakesh Chauhan, Noor
  • Year: 2022

Watch Siskiyaan Web Series

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Saali Aadhi Gharwali (Big M Zoo)

Saali Aadhi Gharwali Noor Malabika Web Series

In earlier 2022, Noor Malabika web series as the lead cast of Big M Zoo Originals titled Saali Aadhi Gharwali. She has played the role of Sali and grabbed the attention of the hot web series audience.

  • Platform: Big M Zoo Originals
  • Year: 2022

I Am Sorry Teacher (Big M Zoo)

I Am Sorry Teacher Noor Malabika Web Series

I Am Sorry Teacher, is a 2021 Noor Malabika web series that was produced by Big M Zoo originals. Malabika Das has acted in the character of Teacher.

She has appeared in some bold scenes for I am a sorry teacher. The story plot is about a student who fell in love with his teacher.

  • Platform: Big M Zoo Originals
  • Year: 2021

Watch I am Sorry Teacher Series

Mafia 2 (Nuefliks)

Mafia 2 Noor Malabika Web Series

Noor Malabika is an unpretentious actress who is not afraid to experiment with different genres and styles. In 2021, she has played the lady gangster for Mafia 2 which was released by Nuefliks Entertainment.

The Hot web series involves some bold scenes which performed by Sapna, Rohit, Ritika, and Amit Gaud. Nuefliks Entertainment is widely known for producing unique and bold hot web series in India.

  • Platform: Nuefliks Entertainment
  • Year: 2021

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in Conclusion, here completing the list of Best Noor Malabika Web Series. Find all the latest web series news, actress, and cast details on

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