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    Pehredaar Web Series Cast, Actress Name, Watch Online – Pehredaar is a 2022 Hindi web series available to stream online on Primeplay. The web series stars Jayshree Gaikwad, Deepak Dutt Sharma, Mohammed Mudassir, Shyna Khatri, Prashant Deshpandey, Neha Gupta as the lead cast.

    The plot of series revolves around a young married woman who faces a struggle at his husband’s house. She was not happy with behavior of her father-in-law.

    Watch all the episodes online in Primeplay mobile app from 30 September 2022 in the Hindi language.

    Pehredaar Web Series (Primeplay ) Cast, Actress Name

    Pehredaar Web Series Cast Actress Name

    Series Name Pehredaar
    Season 1
    Cast Jayshree Gaikwad
    Deepak Dutt Sharma
    Shyna Khatri
    Neha Gupta
    Streaming Platform Primeplay
    No. Of Episodes 2
    Release date 30 September 2022
    Country India
    Genre 18+, Drama, Romance
    Language Hindi

    Pehredaar Cast

    Here you will find the full list of cast and crew who have worked on Pehredaar (2022) Primeplay Web Series.

    Jayshree Gaikwad Cast ActressJayshree Gaikwad
    as Phuljhadi
    Shyna Khatri Cast ActressShyna Khatri
    as Shikha
    Neha Cast ActressNeha Gupta
    as Seema
    Deepak Dutt Sharma CastDeepak Dutt Sharma
    as Ramesh

    Full Cast List with Real Name:

    • Jayshree Gaikwad as Phuljhadi
    • Deepak Dutt Sharma as Ramesh
    • Mohammed Mudassir as
    • Shyna Khatri as Shikha
    • Prashant Deshpandey as
    • Neha as Seema

    Actress Name with Photos

    Below is the complete list of Pehredaar Primeplay series Actress and Heroine names with photos.

    Jayshree Gaikwad

    A new hot sensation Jayashree is earlier known for featuring in web series including Baba Rancho, Jelabi, and Paglet. She is now featured as one of the leads of Pehredaar in prime play.

    Jayshree Gaikwad Pehredaar Actress

    Shyna Khatri

    The new actress Shyna has made her acting debut in web series with Pehredaar. She has played the role of Shikha, an innocent wife as a lead female lead.

    Shyna Khatri Height

    Neha Gupta

    The hot diva Neha Gupta played as the one of the Bahu in the series. She is known for acting in some of the prominent web shows in the past.

    Neha Gupta Pehredaar Actress Cast

    Watch Pehredaar Web Series Online

    Pehredaar Primeplay Web Series

    Below you can find the list of all Pehredaar web series (Primeplay) episodes to watch online

    Episodes Online Streaming
    Episode 1 Watch Online
    Episode 2 Watch on Primeplay
    Episode 3 Watch on Primeplay
    Episode 4 Watch on Primeplay

    Some of the recent releases of Primeplay platform are Vasu starring Rajsi Verma, Maahi Khan, CharamYog featuring Ayushi Jaishwal and Paglet stars Navin Surie.


    Pehredaar’s official plot summary reads: “Story is based on culture in village where father in law also gets marry with daughter in law so that he can take care of her like husband in absence of his Son Let’s see what happens with Shikha when her husband goes in city for work and she just stays with her father in law.”

    The tale begins with the protagonist’s parents going out to date potential brides-to-be. The show’s concept, involving Deepak Dutt Sharma, is revealed to us later. In the made-up town, it is tradition for the bride to wed the man who would otherwise be responsible for her care while her husband was away at work.

    We see Deepak Dutt Sharma and his first daughter-in-law Neha in an exciting situation. Primeplay delivered on its promise that the scenarios will be unique and memorable.

    Scenes between Prashant Deshpandy and Rishu are quite thrilling in the second episode. There’s a special way they’re spending their first night as a married couple. However, we were promised a lot more in the next episodes of the Pehredaar online series.

    Rishu and Neha’s charisma on television made the show addictive. Next week, further episodes of the online series will be made available. The forthcoming episodes will include the much-anticipated love triangle of Neha, Jaishree Gaikwad, and Deepak Dutt Sharma.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Pehredaar Web Series Cast?

    The cast of Pehredaar Web series includes Jayshree Gaikwad, Deepak Dutt.

    What is Pehredaar Actress name?

    Pehredaar Primeplay webseries actress name was Jayshree Gaikwad.

    When is Pehredaar Primeplay release date?

    The release date of Pehredaar web series on 30 September 2022.