Sursuri Li (2022 Web Series)

Sursuri Li Cast, Actress Name, Watch Online – The 2022 Hindi web series that was released on Ullu Online Streaming Platform. Billed to be a Romantic comedy-drama, the story is written and directed by AK.

The cast of Sursuri Li web series stars Nidhi Mahawan, Maahi khan, Ajay Mehra in the lead roles. Bankrolled by Own Productions, the web series was released on 1 July 2022 in Ullu app and website.

The story plot of Sursuri-Li is about the tale of a Young Man’s Desire To Find A Companion For His Desire. However, his father would only let him wed well-to-do female relatives of his. Throughout the rest of the story, he goes on a quest to find a good partner.

Sursuri Li (Ullu Web Series) Cast, Actress Name, Watch Online

Sursuri Li web series Cast Actress Name

A total of four webisodes are available to stream online for the first season (Part 1) in Hindi. Check out below for a full list of actors, actress names, trailers, story plots, and more.

Series Name Sursuri Li
Season 1
Cast Nidhi Mahawan
Maahi Khan

Ajay Mehra
Streaming Platform Ullu
No. Of Episodes 4
Release date 1 July 2022
Country India
Genre 18+, Drama, Comedy
Language Hindi

Sursuri Li Cast

Here you will find the full list of cast and crew who have worked on Sursuri Li (2022) Ullu Web Series.

Nidhi Mahawan castNidhi Mahawan
as Surili
Sursuri Li castMaahi khan
as Kamini
ajay mehra castAjay Mehra
as Sur
Jay Shankar Tripath castJay Shankar 
as Rajan
Ankur Malhotra castAnkur Malhotra
as Dawood
Rafat Ali castRafat Ali
as Lappu Yadav

Full Cast List with Real Name:

Cast (Real Name) Character Name
Nidhi Mahavan Surili
Ajay Mehra Sur
Maahi Khan Kamini
Jay Shankar Tripath Rajan
Dharmedra Gupta Bansi
Ankur Malhotra Dawood
Sherestha Gupta Bua
Maahi Khan Kamini
Rohit K Singh Bahubali
Tanisha Kanojia Leela
Sudipta Saxsena Sangeeta
Deepak Soni Lattu Bhalya
Rupali Sarathe Bengoll Dulhan
Rafat Ali Pappu Yadav

Sursuri Li Actress Name with Photos

Below is the complete list of Sursuri Li Ullu Web Serial Actress and Heroine names with photos.

Nidhi Mahawan

The prominent actress Nidhi was roped in to play the female lead in this new web series. Her character name in Sursurili is Surili. She was earlier featured in many shows on Ullu platform.

Nidhi Mahawan sursuri li actress

Maahi Khan

Apart from Nidhi Mahawan, a new ullu actress Maahi Khan has played role of Kamini in Sursurili. She has appeared in many Bollywood movies including Secret of selfie, Undekhi and more.

Sursuri Li actress heroine

Sudipta Saxsena

Sudipta appeared as the mother of Surili, the lead female character. The character’s name of her is Sangeetha Bansal essays a small role in all episodes of part 1.

Sudipta Saxena actress

Tanisha Kanojia

Tanisha played the character of Leela in Sursurili. She acted as her friend of Surili on episode 3 where both of them confess and rant about their personal life.

Tanisha Kanojia actress

Sursuri Li Story Plot

Season 1 – Part 1: This is a tale about a guy who is engaged and plans to be married shortly. Furthermore, he instructed his father to look for someone for him to marry. However, the dowry demanded by his father is too high for such a young woman. Nisha Mahawan plays Surili in the online series sursurili web show.

Despite Surili’s parents’ concerns, her marriage is not occurring. They’re shown a photo of her by the marriage agent. The father urged the marriage agent to accept money, but he needed more dowry for his son.

Sursuri Li ullu web series cast actress

Part 1 – Episode 1

On the first episode of part 1, Sur Kumar, a young man from Noida has lots of desires to accomplish in his life. He used to read adult stories in books to self-pleasure himself. He badly wants to get married and asked his father to seek a bride.

Surli, is the naughty woman who used to make paid video calls from her mobile and showcase her beauty to her customers. Sur Kumar went on to meet Dawood and seeks help for his marriage. After a few days, Sur meets a young neighborhood girl Kamini.

Part 1 – Episode 2

The second episode starts with Surili exposing herself to her customers on video calls. Her parents decided to make her married and arranged for the to Groom meet at her house. Surili is not interested in the family and her online video calling has been exposed by John.

Followed by Kamini went to Sur Kumar’s place and forced him to make a romance with her. However, Sur is not interested in makeout out with her. When he excuses her and sends them back home, she meets Dawood on the way.

Part 1 – Episode 3

In the third episode, Surili gets to meet her long-time friend Leela on the roadside. Both the girls had a naughty conversation about their respective marriages and love life. Both of them decided to eat Golgappa on the roadside.

During the scene, Sur Kumar gets to see Surli for the first time. He was impressed with her beauty and started romance in his dream. From then he went to his Dad’s trailer shop and asked him to seek the bride.

Sur Kumar along with his father Rajan and Dawood went to a marriage broker Pappu Yadav to register their name to seek a bride. The broker has shown the photo of Surli to them, Sur Kumar was delighted to she her and urged the broker to fix the meeting.

Part 1 – Episode 4

In the final four episodes of Sursuri Li Part 1, Pappu Yadav meets Bansal, the father of Surili. Bansal worries about her daughter’s online secret job and not being able to seek the right groom. Paapu Yadav calls Rajan and arranged a meeting.

In the next scene, Sur Kumar with his father and Dawood went to Surili’s house. Both Sur and Surili had a private conversation to know each other. During the conversation, both of the found a good wavelength and decided to get married.

Both the families started printing wedding cards and inviting people for the grand occasion. When Sur Kumar went to invite Kamini, she was in the shower and came out only with a towel. She tries to seduce him, however, Sur Kumar escapes from her. Part 1 ends here and the more fun will continue in Part 2.

Part 2 – All Episodes

The second half of the web series’ narrative will continue where the first left off. The sixth episode begins with Sur and Surili’s marriage being set. Surili gives Sur the go-ahead to get ready for their first night together. Bahubali, Sur’s cousin, attended the wedding as well.

For some reason, Sur has resentment toward Bahubali. Sur’s marriage had already been shattered on one previous occasion. She visits Dawood’s offices and engages in flirtatious conversations with him. Kamini’s residence is where Dawood goes.

When her husband unexpectedly comes on the door when they were immersed in their passion, she gets personal with him.

The father of Sur calls the father of Surili and inquires about the dowry. There is no dowry for Surili since his father refused to pay it to him. It’s finally happening: Sur and Surili are getting hitched!

Their own personal pursuits took precedence over those of Kamini and Dawood. As a favour to Surili’s father, Sur’s inspector buddy has been asked to meet Sur’s father. Watch the web series on Ullu App to find out the rest of the tale.

Watch Sursuri Li Online

Sursuri Li is officially released online to watch in Ullu app and website on 1 July 2022. To watch all the latest episodes of the web series subscribe today.

The trailer of Sursurili has been released on 28 June 2022 on Ullu official website, app, and youtube channel.

Ullu is one of the prominent online video streaming platforms for web series in India. Recently they have released Jaal and Dunali 2 which is widely received by the audience.

Did you watch Sursuri Li web series released on Ullu? Please share your valuable rating below.

Sursuri Li Trailer

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Sursuri Li cast?

The cast of SurSuri li web series stars Nidhi Mahawan, Maahi khan, Ajay Mehra in the lead roles.

Who is Sursuri Li heroine and actress name?

Sursuri Li heroine and actress name is Nidhi Mahawan, Maahi Khan and more.

When is Sursuri Li release date?

Sursuri Li release date – 1 Juny 2022

In conclusion, Here completing the information on Ullu Sursuri Li web series cast, actress name with photos, storyline, online download, and more. Check out Web Series section for more latest OTT releases and news updates.

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