Jamendo: A Detailed Review of Jamendo, including its pros


    How much do you know about Jamendo? This post will give you a comprehensive review of Jamendo, including its pros and cons.


    Jamendo is a Luxembourg-based online platform that facilitates the legal streaming and download of music for free. Rather than being a standard commercial service, it’s a platform primarily intended for independent artists and music lovers who are eager to discover fresh talent. Essentially, it operates based on the Creative Commons licenses which allow artists to share their music to the world while retaining their copyrights. As of my knowledge cutoff of September 2021, Jamendo is still operational.

    Pros and Cons of Jamendo

    Jamendo’s offering does come with its advantages and disadvantages, which are worth considering.


    Free Music: The primary appeal of Jamendo is the availability of free music to stream and download legally.

    Creative Commons License: Artists can freely promote their work while maintaining the rights, and music lovers can discover unique music that’s often not found on commercial platforms.

    Community: Jamendo has established a close-knit and vibrant community of independent musicians and music lovers.


    Limited Catalog: Given that it primarily hosts independent artists, the vast discography of major labels and artists that you find on mainstream platforms is not available on Jamendo.

    Advertisement: Free service comes with the cost of ads. Some users might find the frequency and duration of ads intrusive.

    Audio Quality: The music’s streaming quality can sometimes be lower than in other premium music streaming platforms.

    No Batch Download: You can unlikely to batch download streaming music tracks from Jamendo.

    Alternative Streaming Services

    There are several other music streaming services available. These include the following:

    Spotify: Known for its vast song catalogue and personalized playlists, it is one of the most popular music streaming platforms globally. But it should be remined that Spotify only allows Premium users to download music for offline playback. If you also want to listen to Spotify music offline with high audio quality, you can ask Spotify to MP3 Converter for help.

    Apple Music: Comprehensive music library, exclusive content, and excellent integration with other Apple products.

    (The original music files on Apple Music are protected which means that you cannot download Apple Music songs offline and transfer them to other devices, but with MusicFab Apple Music Downloader, you can easily remove the protection and enjoy Apple Music songs on your players).

    Soundcloud: Great for discovering independent and emerging artists. It also allows artists to upload and share their own music.

    Bandcamp: Similar to Jamendo, this platform also supports indie artists and allows users to purchase music directly from them.

    Deezer: An extensive library and features like Flow, which is a personal soundtrack feature, make this a strong competitor.


    All in all, Jamendo is a unique platform that captivates independent music artists and fans. It has carved out a unique niche, distinguishing itself from mainstream commercial platforms. While it might not serve mainstream music needs considering its limited catalog, its depth in indie music makes it an indispensable platform for indie music lovers. However, it’s future success largely depends on its ability to adapt and compete with mainstream platforms.