Parithabangal (Youtube) Cast, Actors, Actress Name with Photo

Parithabangal is a popular Tamil youtube channel known for making satire videos. With over 3.5 million subscribers on their youtube channel, they are prominently known for making comedy videos based on trends.

The cast of Parithabangal stars Gopi, Sudhagar, David in the lead roles. The other actors on the channel include Varun, Ajith, Deepan who used to appear on videos frequently.

Parithabangal (Youtube) Cast, Actors, Actress Name

Parithabangal Youtube Cast Actors Name

Name Parithabangal
Platform Youtube
Category Comedy
Subscribers 37,50,000+
Language Tamil
Youtube Parithabangal
Facebook ParithabangalProductions
Instagram parithabangaloffl

Parithabangal Cast

Here you will find the full list of cast and actors who have worked on Parithabangal Tamil youtube channel.

Gopi Parithabangal CastGopi
Sudhakar Parithabangal CastSudhakar
Dravid Selvam Parithabangal CastDravid Selvam
Varun Parithabangal CastVarun
Ajith Parithabangal CastAjith
Subash Parithabangal CastSubash
Mohan Parithabangal CastMohan
Balu Bose Parithabangal CastBalu Bose


Gopi is the main lead of the channel who is known for appearing in different unique getups in every video. He used to make mimicry and improvisation from famous celebrities to make a satirical video.

Gopi Parithabangal


Sudhakar, the main pillar of co-owner of the channel has a huge fan base for his smile. Along with Gopi, Sudhakar used to make write the concept and script for all videos.

Sudhaka Parithabangal

Parithabangal Popular Videos

YouTube video

YouTube video

YouTube video

About Parithabangal Channel

Parithabangal is an Indian youtube channel that started on February 8th, 2018. With over 3.8 million subscribers, the channel is used to post comedy skit videos. Parithabangal has posted more than 250+ videos on its youtube official channel in Tamil. language.

In conclusion, here completing Youtube channel Parithabangal Cast, actor names, and actresses with photos. Check out Youtube section to know more interesting news and updates.

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